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CTAP 100 - Personal Proficiency with Technology
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The menu below will take you to the specific courses that make up the CTAP 100 Series: Personal Proficiency with Technology. When you complete (or challenge) the courses in the CTAP 100 Series, you're ready to create your CTAP 100 portfolio for a CTAP Personal Proficiency Certificate and optional college credit. Whenever possible, complete courses that pertain to the software you're using.

To view portfolio requirements, click here.

We recommend beginning with the Basic Computer Skills module. From there, feel free to tackle the course modules in any order you wish.

Basic computer skills course logo Basic Computer Skills
* CTAP 010_01: Windows 95/NT
* CTAP 010_02: Windows 98
* CTAP 010_03: Windows Me
* CTAP 010_05: Windows XP
* CTAP 011_01: Macintosh
* CTAP 011_02: Mac OSX

This module shows you how to master basic operations to get the most out of your PC or Macintosh computer. Though not part of the portfolio evaluation, this module is recommended for users of all experience levels.

Internet course logo Internet
* CTAP 020_01: Netscape Nav. 4.x
* CTAP 021_01: I.E. 4.x - 5.x
* CTAP 021_02: I.E. 6.0 (Windows)

The Internet is all about distributing information and connecting people. This module will explore key aspects of the Internet, and will teach you how to use your browser to download files, read newsgroups, access web sites and more.

E-mail course logo E-mail
* CTAP 030_01: Netscape Msgr.
* CTAP 031_02: Outlook 2002 for PC

E-mail gives you near-instantaneous communication with people the world over. This module will show you how to set up your email software, attach files and images to messages, create a signature file and more.

Word processing course logo Word Processing
* CTAP 040_01: MS Word 97
* CTAP 040_03: MS Word 2002 (Win)
* CTAP 041_01: Claris Works

The word processor may be one the most versatile, useful applications available to the teacher. This module will show you the ins-and-outs of using a word processor to enhance student learning.

Paint and graphics course logo Paint and Graphics
* CTAP 050_01: Various Applications

Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. The Paint & Graphics module will help you create illustrations, diagrams and pictures to enhance your teaching and correspondence. The module uses a generic approach that is not software specific.

Desktop publishing course logo Desktop Publishing
* CTAP 060_01: MS Word 97
* CTAP 060_02: MS Word 2002
* CTAP 061_01: Claris Works

When you're ready to take the written word to the next level, desktop publishing software can make it easy. This module will show you how to combine text and images into professional-looking documents.

Spreadsheet course logo Spreadsheet
* CTAP 070_01: MS Excel 97
* CTAP 070_02: Excel 2002
* CTAP 071_01: Claris Works

Equally adept with words and numbers, the spreadsheet offers nearly limitless power to process and display data. This module will teach you how to harness the power of the spreadsheet in your classroom.

Database course logo Database
* CTAP 080_01: MS Access 97
* CTAP 081_01: Claris Works
* CTAP 082_02: FileMaker Pro 5.5

The database works like a flexible computer-based filing system. This module will teach you how to set up your own databases to keep tabs on the data that's important to you.

Presentation course logo Presentation
* CTAP 090_01: MS PowerPoint 97
* CTAP 090_03: MS PowerPoint 2002

This module will show you how to create effective, engaging presentations with your computer. You'll finish this module with a knowledge of transitions, pacing, adding music and titles and more.

* New CTAP 100 Series course aligned to CTAP2 / iAssessment Proficiency Rubrics

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