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CTAP 081_01 - Intro to Databases (Claris Works)
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In the realm of computer software of use to the classroom teacher, the database has its own unique niche. Like an infinitely flexible and powerful desktop index file, the database allows you to store any data you wish in any format you wish. Then, the database allows you to view, sort and print your data in numerous different ways. From student contact information to classroom supply inventories, the database is the best way to store and organize certain types of information. Online instruction will be for the Apple (Claris) Works application, on both PC and Macintosh platforms.



Before starting this lesson, you should be able to open, close and save files; select sections with the mouse; cut, copy and paste; and download files from the Course Web site. You can get these skills in our Basic Computer Skills course.

How to Take this Course

To meet the database portfolio requirements, participants will create a database that is useful in the classroom (i.e. student contact info, sports performance, classroom supply inventory, etc.)

Detailed portfolio requirements can be found in the Course Materials section.

Course Duration
It will take you approximately 6 hours to complete this course and the accompanying document to add to your Course Portfolio.

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