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CTAP 041_01 - Intro to Word Processing (Claris Works)
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The computer-based word processor is one of the most useful tools available to teachers and students alike. A word processor gives you nearly limitless power to edit and format text, allowing you to mold the written word into a professional-looking document.

In this Word Processing module, you will discover ways to simplify tedious and routine writing tasks so that you can focus on your most important challenge, improving student learning. This self-paced module will teach you how to quickly and easily create, edit, format and print documents; communicate your ideas; and share information with others inside and outside of your classroom. Some examples of how you will be able to use your new word processing skills are: designing parent letters, lesson plans, class assignments, teaching materials, tests and assessment rubrics.



Before starting this lesson, you should be able to open, close and save files; select sections of text with the mouse; cut, copy and paste text; and download files from the CTAP 041 Web site. You can get these skills in our Basic Computer Skills module.

This module requires the wp_example file, which you can download and save to your hard drive by clicking (or right-clicking) here. You can also download the finished version in PDF format.

If you don't know how to download and save files, please go through the Basic Computer Skills module before continuing with this module.

After completing the online word processing course, you will demonstrate an understanding of basic word processing concepts and skills by creating and printing a one-page document to include in your course portfolio. Online instruction will be for Microsoft Word and Apple (Claris) Works applications, on both PC and Macintosh platforms.

How to Take this Course

To meet the CTAP 100 certification requirements you must complete and submit two word processing documents in printed form as well as on a floppy disk.

Detailed portfolio requirements can be found in the Course Materials section.

Course Duration
It will take you approximately six hours to complete this module and the accompanying document to add to your course portfolio.

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