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CTAP 011_02 - Basic Computer Skills, Mac OS X
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This Basic Computer Skills course will provide you with all the tools and instruction necessary to begin operating your desktop or laptop computer. You will discover simple functions such as starting up, rebooting, and safely shutting down your computer, as well as more complex procedures such as saving and naming files and documents, creating shortcuts, and conducting searches on your hard drive.


There are no specific prerequisites other than access to a computer with a common operating system and a desire to explore and command the vast resources that come bundled with this technology.

How to Take this Course
This course is different from most CTAP Online courses; it is provided solely as a way to learn the basics of the Mac OS X operating system, and as such there is nothing to turn in to your mentor once you're finished. Simply use the outline below, or the course map on the left side of the screen, to locate the learning activity pages that teach the skills you need to learn in order to master OS X. You can go through all of the skills sequentially, from top to bottom, if you wish, or simply access the specific skills you need to complete the course. It's up to you.

Course Duration
It will take you approximately 5 hours to complete this course.

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