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CTAP 090_01 - Intro to Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint 97)
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In this Presentation course, you will learn to build dynamic presentations using the popular and easy to use Microsoft PowerPoint software package. This self-paced module will teach you the basics, showing you how to rearrange slides, format text, add clip art and shapes, as well as produce useful handouts and lecture notes. PowerPoint is easy to learn and can be easily taught to your students. Windows and Macintosh versions of PowerPoint are virtually identical. Though the look of their screens may differ slightly, Macintosh users should be able to complete this Presentation module with little difficulty.



Before starting this module, you should be familiar with the basic functions of your computer such as opening and closing windows, creating folders, opening files, and launching and switching between applications. Other preferred skills would be the ability to select, cut, copy, and paste text, as well as organize files on your computer. You can get these skills in our Basic Computer Skills course.

How to Take this Course

To meet the presentation certificate requirements, you must create an electronic presentation in PowerPoint, HyperStudio or any other presentation authoring software. Feel free to use wizards or templates. Select a topic that is useful to you and your students.

Presentation Activity

Create a brief presentation (no more than eight slides or screens) that includes the following elements:

  • A consistent graphic background
  • At least two different fonts, type sizes and text colors
  • At least two graphics from a clipart library, or two graphics downloaded from the Internet.
  • The small sound file (presentation_audio1.wav) from Materials and Resources page of Presentation module
  • At least one graph or table
  • At least one bulleted or numbered list
  • At least two different transitions between slides
  • Aesthetically pleasing and easy to read visual design

Submit your presentation in digital form. If the presentation won't fit on a floppy, please use a CD-R or Iomega Zip disc (PC format, please). In addition to the digital file, print your presentation for inclusion with your portfolio.

Course Duration
It will take you approximately 6 hours to complete this course and the accompanying document to add to your Course Portfolio.

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