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CTAP 030_01 - Intro to E-mail (Netscape 4.x)
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E-mail E-mail is a wonderful tool that encourages communication and there's no need to search for a pad and pen, lick a stamp or find a mailbox. Study after study finds e-mail as one of the most popular uses of Internet technology. This module will teach you the basics of using e-mail. You will learn to setup and configure your e-mail software to create, send, receive, and reply to e-mail messages. In addition, you'll learn to attach files and send them along with your messages. You will also explore some resources where teachers from around the world discuss school related topics and communicate through e-mail via newsgroups, listservs and discussion boards. Note: We will be adding instruction for other e-mail software in the future. Those using Microsoft Outlook Express or Eudora Light can access the following links for information on setting up and using these e-mail programs:

Outlook Express Tutorial from Microsoft (pdf)
Microsoft Outlook Express How-To Guide
Qualcomm Eudora Light Help


Before starting this lesson, you should be able to open, close and save files; select sections of text with the mouse; cut, copy and paste text; and download files from the CTAP 030 Web site. You can get these skills in our Basic Computer Skills Module.

How to Take this Course

The portfolio requirements for CTAP 030 includes creating, sending, and receiving e-mail as a means to document your knowledge. Printed or electronic versions of these correspondences will serve as the deliverables for this course.

Detailed portfolio requirements can be found in the Course Materials section.

Course Duration
It will take you approximately 3 hours to complete this module and the accompanying document to add to your portfolio.

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