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CTAP 031_02 - E-mail, Outlook 2002 for PC
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E-mail, which is short for electronic mail, was originally a system that allowed people to send text messages from one person to another using a company or university computer network. With the advent and growth of the Internet, e-mail has evolved into a hugely popular tool that enables millions of ordinary people--at home or at work--to send computer files (attachments) along with their written message.

This course will teach you the basics of using Outlook 2002, a program designed to perform a wide range of functions that help you with your personal and professional communications and scheduling needs.


Before starting this course, you should be able to open, close, copy and paste, and save files. You can acquire these skills in our Basic Computer Skills course.

How to Take this Course

Step 1 -- Download the deliverable (.doc, .pdf, .rtf) document.

Step 2 -- Use the outline below, or the course map on the left side of the screen, to locate the learning activity pages that teach the skills you require. You can go through all of the skills sequentially, from top to bottom, if you wish, or simply access the specific skills you need to complete the course. It's up to you.

Course Duration
It will take you approximately 10 hours to complete this course.

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