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CTAP 310 - Technology Integration: Standards and Beyond
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The CTAP 310 online course offers you a unique learning experience, one that will enhance your knowledge about standards, technology, assessment, the Internet and many other topics. You'll research standards applicable to your discipline, comb the Internet for valuable resources and design a standards-based unit of instruction that integrates technology.

We provide you with a standards-based instructional module template (SBIM) that makes creating your own unit easy. There are several model course lessons online for you to look at, as well as plenty of opportunities to interact with other teachers from around the state. Designing your own standards-based unit of instruction is both fun and challenging, and you'll have all the help you need to achieve success. Your local school site mentor will also offer assistance and guidance when needed.

Those who submit their standards-based unit of instruction for evaluation are eligible to receive college-level credit from Simpson College in Redding or CSU, Chico. Visit the CTAP 310 College Credit page for more information.

How to Take this Course

Module 1 includes an introduction to the different types of activities and instructional materials that you will encounter in CTAP 310.

Module 2 will give educators an overview of the entire course and the overall objectives. This module will provide an in depth look at the Standards Based Instructional Model (SBIM), and how it will serve as the basis of your unit.

Educators investigate the Academic Content Standards within their discipline, and focus on creating objectives and culminating assessment that will frame their unit.

This module helps educators develop various types of assessment to guide their unit of study. Explore how technology can support authentic assessment in all disciplines.

Educators will explore ways in which to integrate everything from the internet to desktop applications in order to enhance their unit of study and their subject.

In Module 6, educators take a hands-on approach to designing activities that will enable their students to attain the identified standards. Educators will also take a look at the resources available to them both on and off their site.

Educators will analyze different ways to access and analyze the wealth of information that the digital age brings. Activites include everything from the use of various search strategies to the evaluation of online data.

Module 8 requires educators to complete the different sections of their Standards-Based Unit of Study. Various elements of the unit are tied together with focus given to those activities that involve technology.

Course Duration
This course will take you approximately 60 hours to complete (4 college credit units).

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