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CTAP 201 - Information Literacy & the Internet
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The Internet is a powerful, ever-evolving teaching and learning tool. The Web offers an engaging and challenging atmosphere where students can hone their information literacy and problem-solving skills. When integrated effectively, the Internet makes the development of these skills more relevant to students by anchoring learning tasks in meaningful, authentic, and highly visual contexts. It also can teach students how to work together to solve problems through group-based, cooperative learning activities. And, for the most part, the wealth of information on the Net is free.

In this course, you will explore how teachers and students around the world are using the Internet in the classroom to enhance student learning. You will learn to locate the exact information that you want, to recognize information that is of the highest quality and reliability, and to apply the information effectively in your lesson plans. Activities include everything from the use of various search strategies to the evaluation of online data.

In CTAP 201, you will explore why and how teachers and students around the world are using the Internet in the classroom to enhance student learning. You'll also learn how you and your students can access, analyze, and integrate the wealth of information on the Internet in class lessons and assignments. Activities include everything from the use of various search strategies to the evaluation of online data.



At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define information literacy
  • Identify reasons for integrating the Internet in your lesson plans
  • Access and use subject directories and search engines
  • Use Boolean search strategies to broaden or narrow your search
  • Identify appropriate Internet-based resources for your lesson plan
  • Design a plan for integrating the Internet-based activities in your classroom
  • Access and use Internet integration management tools
  • Explain basic copyright law and fair use
  • Cite Internet resources properly
  • Evaluate instructional Web sites and help your students to do the same
  • Plan for possible pitfalls when using the Internet in the classroom
  1. The Power of the Internet
    Information literacy
    Why integrate the Internet?
    E-tools of the trade


    1. Review and assess information literacy standards
    2. Examine why teachers use the Internet
    3. Explore how teachers & students are using the Internet
  2. Integrating the Internet
    Types of Internet activities
    A framework for results
    Internet integration management tools


    1. Review & select types of Internet activities for your lesson
    2. Plan your Internet-based activities
    3. Create & distribute an Acceptable Use Policy document
    4. Create & distribute a Permission to Publish form
  3. Search and You Shall Find
    Planning your search
    Choosing your search tools
    Performing precise searches


    1. What are you looking for?
    2. Choose a search engine
    3. Choose a subject directory
    4. Performing precise searches
    5. Research resources useful to your lesson plan
    6. Share bookmarks
  4. Possible Pitfalls
    Copyright & Fair Use
    Student safety
    MurphyĆ­s law
    Unreliable info


    1. Incorporate handouts or a quick training on Copyright, Fair Use, & citations for students
    2. Keeping your students safe on the Internet
    3. Plan for the unexpected
    4. Have students create a Web evaluation rubric for research assignments
    5. Determine how much time in your lesson plan you can devote to student Internet activities

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How to Take this Course

You will create an Internet Integration Planning document for one of your lesson plans using our Internet Planning template. You will also create (or access) an Acceptable Use Policy and Permission to Publish document for students and their parents to sign. In addition, some CTAP 201 activities require you to engage in discussions in our Discussion Forums and post web resources in the Webliography database.

Course Duration
This course will take you approximately 15 hours to complete.

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